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About the Founders, of Paint Your Blessings

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

Keisha 'Kay' Sealey & Arnold Sealey.

My husband and I took a huge leap of faith outside of our corporate careers and we joined our creative forces and planted a love seed in the heart of East New York, Brooklyn, one block away from where we initially met in 2003. Today this NY Love story now lives in the form of a platform of services called Paint Your Blessings.

In 2017 we were both ready to sacrifice our successful corporate careers to launch something positive for the community and we decided to invested our savings to secure our first venue at 400 Liberty Ave.

After many months of after-work, late nights renovations, we finally launched our event space initially named YLSCenter in Jan 2018. We hosted and curated wonderfully decorated private event celebrations such as; baby showers, birthdays, wedding ceremony & receptions, pop-up events and more. Nine months later by September 2018, we announced the birth of a new event offering called ‘Paint Your Blessings’. The first event was held on October 18th 2018. We wanted to show gratitude alongside the community, and share the joy we found in the source of our creative foundation. Every month as a sign of gratitude to God, we offered a free monthly instructed paint party event where we create custom art inspired by positive affirmations and blessings found in God’s word, referenced in the bible. Our genesis painting was created on October 18th 2018 and it was inspired by John 15:5, which celebrates our identity in Christ and our prayer to be fruitful in all facets of our branched endeavors.

We developed three branches of our creative service offerings and established operations on:

  1. Venue Rental for private events

  2. Event Decorating services,

  3. Curated Custom Art & Hosted Instructed Paint Parties.

Then 2020 happened.... The onset of Covid-19 pandemic disrupted many lives, and we were not spared. My husband of 15 years passed from complications from the virus and transitioned on March 30th 2020. We took time-off to regroup, recenter in our faith and relaunched the Paint Your Blessings brand aimed to upheld

Fast Forward to 2022 Paint Your Blessings, is now four years. God has kept all three branches of our service offerings thriving. Our address is still the same and event decor services are still thriving and we have extensively grown our one of a kind art collection to nearly 40 original pieces of art. As we continue to grow, we would love to share the therapeutic joy of Paint Your Blessings with communities outside of Brooklyn, NY. We are excited to launch this first coloring book, Color Your Eden in a series of devotional coloring books for all ages, jigsaw puzzles of the original art and custom prints and other merchandise for anyone to enjoy throughout the United States and eventually throughout the world, God willing.

We’ve realized that Paint Your Blessings brings therapeutic joy, and peace to many people and we would like to expand beyond our walls where everyone can enjoy painting their blessings. In this way the sacrifices we have made can fulfill our shared purpose in nurturing Paint Your Blessings to it’s full potential which strives to captivate and share the beauty in God’s Word and His blessings for everyone worldwide. We are grateful to God to be chosen for this purpose and even more grateful to share this light with you.

Thank you for listening to our story and for your continued support.


Mrs. Keisha Clarke-Sealey

Late, Mr. Arnold Sealey

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