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The Story Behind Our Services:
Event Space | Decor Planning | Art

We Love to Safely Gather & Celebrate Our Clients!

We launched a dynamic lighting Event Space, where we also provide Event Planning and Decor services in Brooklyn, NY. Paint Your Blessings Events has been involved in some of the most beautiful celebrations in Brooklyn. Our large loft venue offers everything needed to create your perfect event. Learn more about the founder below.


Leap Of Faith

My name is Keisha Sealey, please call me Kay. With the support of my husband, I took a leap of faith and left a very successful advertising career of 12 years leading Strategic Media Investment and Negotiations and I launched a new Event Space, where we also provide creative Event Planning and Decor services in Brooklyn, NY.

Our Calling was Calling...

As part of our giving-back services we offered a monthly paint night, where I shared my hidden love for painting called Paint Your Blessings. Every month, these Paint Night events hosted 70 to 100 people of all ages, where I led painting/teaching on positive/fun biblical subjects with the hopes of blessing everyone's lives.
Then, COVID-19 struck my foundation...

Post -Earthquake Relaunch

Unfortunately, my husband of 15 years in the prime of his life was a victim of this pandemic and I have to face my new reality without him physically. With God's help, I've decided to push through even further with God's plan for my life without him and give 1000% commitment to
Paint Your Blessings.

About The Founder

Welcome, my name is Kay Sealey , please call me Kay. I grew up in a family of artists but with the support of my late husband, I took a huge leap of faith and left my corporate marketing career of 12 years to launch Paint Your Blessings services: Event Space Rental, Event Decor & Painting Services.

Utilizing my skills as an artist, graphic/web designer, marketing specialist and event planner; at Paint Your Blessings, I intend to use our team's gifts and experiences to shine a light on my clients life’s wins! Whether it’s a Birthday, Wedding, Baby Shower or any other Life's celebration. Anchored with God's guidance, we enjoy hosting and celebrating our clients in the most positive and elegant way. 

Why just Count Your Blessings, when You Can Paint It! Paint Your Blessings!

Credit: 2021 Commissioned Painting for the talented client @donathephoenix by Kay at  Paint Your Blessings @paint_blessings


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