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Thanks To AI, Original Art Becomes Another New Commodity. Commissioned Art, Paint Your Blessings

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

As Artificial intelligence (AI) and the use of Chat GPT continue to trend in popularity, anyone can dabble and explore becoming an 'artificial' artist. As a result, the real and verified original art becomes even more of a treasured jewel in anyone's collection.

The accessibility of all things culturally artificial drives increased value for the scarcity of real and verified custom, one-of-a-kind artwork. Digital art will continue to drive up the value of original painted artwork with real paint or a specific medium chosen.

Paint Your Blessings is led by 2nd generated and college-educated fine artist Keisha Clarke-Sealey, affectionately called "Kay." See examples of Orginal Commissioned artwork by Paint Your Blessings. PAINT YOUR BLESSINGS offers commissioning services, and clients can reach out via or call or text Kay directly at 718-443-5111.

Commissioned Portrait by Keisha Clarke Sealey on May 21st, 2018,

Dona The Pheonix 2, Commissioned Album Art & Portrait Art Projects by Keisha Clarke Sealey on Nov 7th, 2019, and April 13th, 2021,

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