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Fun Art Classes

Explore the Therapeutic Power
of Painting Classes for Kids and Adults

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Unleash your inner artist with our brand-new art classes, designed for both kids and adults!

After Work 


Thurs. 6:30PM - 9PM

Relax, and let your creativity flow as you explore various art techniques. It's the perfect way to indulge in self-expression and connect with fellow art enthusiasts! 


After School


Wed | 3PM - 6PM 

Unleash your child’s creativity. Give kids the opportunity to explore the magical world of colors and express their unique ideas and emotions in breathtaking ways.

New Artists


Tues | 6:30PM - 9PM 

You'll acquire invaluable skills in drawing, painting, sketching, shading, composition,color theory, and more. Students will grasp the essential techniques while freely exploring their
unique style.

Unlock Your Creativity with Our Exciting Art Classes!

Unleash your inner artist with our brand-new art classes, designed for both kids and adults!
Join us for an immersive 8-week journey, where you'll learn how to draw and paint like a pro! 

What to Expect from Paint Your Blessings Art Classes:

• Engaging Lessons:
Our classes are fun, interactive, and designed to keep you motivated throughout the entire course. Say goodbye to boring lectures and hello to hands-on learning!

• Inspiring Projects:
We'll tackle a variety of exciting projects, such as landscapes, portraits, still life, and more. Each project is carefully selected to challenge and expand your skills as an artist.

• All Art Supplies Included:
Don't worry about gathering supplies—we've got you covered! We provide all the necessary art materials, so you can focus solely on unleashing your creativity.

• Post-Season Exhibition Art Party:

At the end of the course, we'll celebrate your progress and creativity with a special exhibition art party. Invite your friends and family to showcase and sell your artwork, turning your newfound skills into a rewarding experience!


2024 Sessions start on
January - April

Art Supplies Inlcuded

$40 - $55 per class

It's a great value for the
knowledge and experience you'll gain throughout the course!

Spread the Word

Share, if you know someone who would love to explore their artistic side or appreciate a great art class, Let's inspire others to discover the wonder and
beauty of art! Together, let's create something amazing.

Art Exhibition Party

Your time to shine is now! Participants of our art classes, can feature their favorite pieces at our Art Showcase Party,

Join Art Community

By joining our art class, you don't just sign up for a series of lessons; you become part of a vibrant and

supportive art community.
Connect with fellow artists, share your creations, and gain inspiration.

Bonus Reward

a special bonus, the first 10 registrants will receive a complimentary art kit.

Access to
Mentor Support

Register today and unlock your creative access to Teachers! Secure your spot. Let's embark on this captivating artistic adventure together!

Meet Kay,
Founder & Lead Artist

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About Kay

I Believe In Using Our Creative Gifts To Remind Us To Pause And Enjoy Celebrating Our Lives


Meet Keisha Clarke-Sealey,
Founder of Paint Your Blessings (TM)

Affectionately known as Kay, she is an accomplished Illustrator, Fine Artist, Published Artist, Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Event Planner, Decorator and Media Marketing Professional 

About Kay

Carla & Friends

Carla has been one of our most loyal attendees since our very first class in October 2018. She regularly invite her freiends family and children to many of our painting events


Young Tween

With no experience, this young lady painted this with her family, and has become a regular attendee of our painting events.


" Why Just Count Your Blessings, When You Can Paint It! "

- Kay Sealey, Paint Your Blessings

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